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Escape KPI Paralysis: Streamline Your Hotel's Performance Metrics

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Three essential aspects should be considered in-depth when deciding on the crucial KPIs for a specific hotel. It is crucial to ensure that the selected KPI effectively measures what it is intended to and minimizes conflicts within the organization. These include relevance, clarity, and measurability.

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A Key Performance Indicator Guide for the Commercial Strategist from HSMAI

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HSMAI’s KPI workgroup — composed of industry thought-leaders across the commercial disciplines — has concluded that today’s successful leaders focus on total revenue and its relation to profit. This suggests that our 'headline KPI' should be TrevPAR or GOPPAR versus RevPAR.

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Decoding Hotel Demand: Mastering Hotel Seasonality for Profit

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The forecasted demand for overnight accommodation at the destination is the most important KPI for hotels to understand. The worst part is if hotels at the destination start a price war to attract more guests, the results will be lower revenue for all, and no additional guests will travel to the destination because the hotel rooms are cheap.

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How To Choose Marketing KPIs


Awareness-Focused Marketing KPIs If you are looking to target as many people as possible with your digital marketing, choose KPIs that measure reach. This KPI doesn’t tell you anything about follow-through, but it does give you a general sense of brand reach. It’s an effective middle ground between engagement and eyeballs.

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PPC Ad Testing: Everything You Need to Know

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Testing, also called “A/B Testing” or “Split Testing”, is the process of isolating a single variable and running different versions of that variable to determine which variation performs better based on a predetermined KPI (key performance indicator). Why is PPC ad testing important?

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Hotel Deals On Paid Search: Sitelink vs. Promo Extensions


In this chart, the listed extension type performed better for a given Key Performance Indicator (KPI), with “Tie” indicating that the difference between extensions types was less than 5%. In both cases, promotion extensions are the clear winner for most KPIs. This is also supported when looking at results by individual deal.

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Nomadix unveils new WiFi 6 access points

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According to 2023 predictions from wireless infrastructure analysts Maravedis, WiFi 6 will continue its fast market penetration due to its ability to “deliver significant KPI improvements, particularly high throughput, reduced latency and better performance in crowded environments.”