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Marriott introduces Instant Booking for meetings and events

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A small meeting is defined as 10-25 guestrooms on peak and/or events for up to 50 attendees, starting four days out and up to one year out with a maximum length of stay of seven days. Once the instant booking is completed on GroupSync, hotels receive instant notification for faster handling and execution of small meetings.

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Want to Improve Hotel Occupancy Rate? Try these Strategies.


Implement length of stay: By setting minimum or maximum length of stay restrictions, you can have a steady flow of guests throughout both peak and low seasons. It can also help you to optimize your pricing strategy, as extended stays may be more profitable than shorter ones.


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Hotel peak season: Strategies for small hotels

Little Hotelier

It helps you to increase occupancy during the slow period that follows (so that stays in the high demand period ‘spill over’ into the less demanding period). Maximum length of stay You apply a maximum length of stay when you expect to be able to sell out rooms at higher rates.

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5 Most Effective Hotel Room Pricing Strategies to Boost Revenue


You should modify your room pricing either based on maximum length of stay or minimum length of stay to enhance occupancy. The most important thing here is that guests get to pay one rate for their entire stay.

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Hotel Revenue Management Strategies


Revenue managers should analyse past booking patterns, referencing the guest in-house list from the previous year, including denials and regrets, to understand stays of varying lengths.