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Sojern releases State of Destination Marketing 2024 Report

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In addition, 40% of DMOs see significant potential in AI for predictive analysis and forecasting, 38% for data analysis and interpretation and 37% for marketing content personalization. DMOs perceive the least impact when it comes to AI on campaign creation and optimization (29%), creative media (25%) and web, app, platform creation (25%).

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Do you know your marketing objectives?

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Google Ads are a more affordable way to engage in a conversion marketing campaign. As long as you are able to set up simple code on your website, you can see a cost per conversion each month that can inform future marketing decisions.

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The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Omnichannel Communication Strategy for Hotels


It's more than just an update. Find out about Google Analytics 4 and why your hotel needs to get ready for it. O post The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Omnichannel Communication Strategy for Hotels apareceu primeiro em Asksuite | Hotel Chatbot.

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Moteur de réservation : les bonnes pratiques

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Or une agence Web ou de marketing procédant à un audit de votre stratégie Web devrait consacrer autant de temps voire plus à votre moteur de réservation. Vous avez deux sites internet officiels pour votre hôtel : Votre site internet et votre moteur de réservation.

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Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

Enter conversational marketing — the new paradigm to tackling your business deals and converting prospects in minutes. Studies show the return on investment (ROI) of conversational marketing helps your marketing team drive revenue.